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Structurely for Mortgage

Works with your leads from any source, new or old

Engaged in 2 mins 24/7/365

Then followed-up with until they respond

Qualified and vetted after they respond

Passed off to you to jump In and close

How does Structurely for Mortgage work?

Structurely is an Artificial Intelligence Inside Sales Agent that engages your leads in under 1 minute, 24/7/365

Qualify that lead so you can focus on only the best leads

12 month drip campaigns nurturing unresponsive leads

Re-engage your old leads that you've lost contact with

Engage leads in under 

1 minute, 24/7/365

What do you get with Structurely for Mortgage

Bring your own leads (new or old)

You have leads and we want to help you convert them. Connect one of the hundreds of sources we support, or send in your old leads.

New Leads

We work with online leads from places like Zillow or LendingTree, Pay-per-click from Facebook and more

Old Leads

You've got gold In your database. Send In your existing leads and let Structurely bring them back to life

We do the drips

12 months of Drip messages that get responses and are built and updated on the regular

Updated regularly

12 months

Qualified and vetted for you

After a lead to responds, we jump in and qualify them for you so you can only focus on the leads you need to

Handles objections

Mirror & Match

Leads handed off to you

After we've generated, nurtured and qualified a lead we give It you. Jump into the conversation yourself and close the deal

Mobile apps

CRM Integrations

Spend more time closing and less time qualifying

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