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What exactly is Structurely?

Structurely is an Artificial Intelligence Inside Sales Agent that engages your leads in under 1 minute, 24/7/365

Qualify that lead so you can focus on only the best leads

12 month drip campaigns nurturing unresponsive leads

Re-engage your old leads that you've lost contact with

Engage leads in under 

1 minute, 24/7/365

And what is the 

Drip Messages that get Responses

12 months of Drip messages with GIFs, emojis and are updated on the regular

12 months


Scripts Made for you

Scripts that handle objections, and have a conversations that mirror and match

Handles objections

Mirror & Match

Updated on the Regular

Get the best of what's best to come. Top performing drips and scripts are auto updated in your account

Buyer Scripts

Seller Scripts

Integrates with all your leads

You probably use a CRM, if not, thats okay too. Structurely works with nearly 200 lead sources from Facebook to Zillow and more.

Mobile Apps

Keep track of your leads and jump into the conversation on the go with Apple and Android apps

CRM Integrations

You don't need another log in. Structurely syncs conversations back to your lead profile automatically.

Hire Hatch ISA for next to nothing

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Happy humans trust Hatch ISA

Erik Hatch, Team Leader @ 

"The real estate game is changing rapidly - and Structurely is at the center of how we best serve our clients. Our team and coaching company have fully embraced how Structurely handles lead conversion. Texting is THE way in which most clients want to be communicated with, and utilizing AISA is a tool that is surging our business past the competition!"

Old leads?


When did your database of 100, 1,000, or 10,000 "old leads" last hear from you? Upload your list to Structurely to re-engage and breath life back into those "lifeless" leads

new closings

Hatch Realty sent 750 "old leads" to Structurely and converted 3 to closings in the first 60 days

Spend more time closing and less time chasing

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